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2024 Q1 Trends:

These are the threats you need to be aware of in 2024 from the Talos Report:
* Talos IR also observed a variety of threats in engagements, including data theft extortion, brute-force activ- ity targeting VPNs, and the previously seen commodity loader Gootloader.
* Talos IR responded to new variants of Phobos and Akira ransomware for the first time this quarter as well as the previously seen LockBit and Black Basta ransomware operations.
* A recent Talos IR engagement suggests that Akira has returned to using encryption as an additional extortion method, now deploying a multipronged attack strategy to target Windows and Linux ma- chines.
* Security researchers discovered an MFA bypassing phishing kit called “Tycoon 2FA” that has since become one of the most widespread phishing kits. However, this has yet to appear in any Talos IR engagements.

Firewalls getting hacked:
ArcaneDoor – New espionage-focused campaign found targeting perimeter network devices: mlee_security
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Cyber Threat Intelligence by Martin Lee:

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Talos Incident Response Threat Summary for Jan- March 2024:–Q1-2024-.pdf

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00:00 – Coming up
00:58 – Intro
01:14 – Firewall Hacking
05:23 – Patching, Configuration & MFA
09:44 – Logging
13:14 – The Cuckoo’s Egg
15:53 – MFA Fatigue
19:10 – Weaknesses in MFA
23:45 – SMS 2FA
25:15 – A.I Voice Cloning
31:11 – Brute Force VPNs
33:17 – Is MFA/2FA Effective?
36:03 – Tycoon 2FA
37:32 – Cyber Paranoia & Self-Care
42:46 – Final Thoughts
43:54 – Outro

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