Windows Terminal and WSL 2 tips

Windows Terminal and WSL 2 tips

The Microsoft Windows Terminal is here! Fantastic development. In this video I show you both WSL 2 tips and tricks and show you how you can use the Microsoft Windows Terminal to interact with WSL 2 Virtual Machines (Ubuntu 20.04) and others. It’s so easy now to have a tabbed application that supports Powershell, Command Prompt, Azure, WSL 2, SSH, Telnet and other applications.

Windows Terminal supports a lot of customization – you can change fonts, colors, background images and a whole bunch of other options.

wsl2 is a fantastic Microsoft Windows 10 development: You can run Linux directly on Windows using the windows subsystem for linux. In this video I demonstrate ubuntu 20.04 and 18.04 using wsl2.

Overview: 0:00
Windows Terminal Install: 0:51
Windows Terminal Overview: 1:27
Docker Integration: 2:46
Settings: 4:46
Access Windows files from Linux: 5:26
Access Linux files from Windows Explorer: 7:31
Use VSCode to open Linux Subsystem Files: 9:34

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