Will Dynamips and VPCS be removed from GNS3?

David Bombal talks to Jeremy Grossmann (creator of GNS3) about the future of GNS3. Here we discuss Dynamips and VPCS and their future in GNS3. Will they be removed from GNS3? Are they recommended? What do they actually do? What should be used instead of them? Does Dynamips support switching?
In future videos we will discuss additional options in gns3 such as Cisco VIRL and IOU.

0:12 – Devices in GNS3. It can be confusing. What is Dynamips
0:57 – Does GNS3 support switching?
1:17 – Are they real IOS images?
1:47 – Issue 1: Where do I get Cisco images? Cisco restrictions.
2:07 – Issues 2: Only older versions of Cisco IOS are supported on a lot of platforms
2:11 – Is it stable? Issue 3: More memory and processor intensive
2:25 – What is Idle PC Value
4:23 – Advantage 1: Supports serial interfaces
4:50 – Dynamips is a dying product
5:00 – You can run Dynamips locally
5:40 – What does Jeremy recommend we use?
5:50 – Switching in Dynamips?
7:18 – Will Dynamips be removed from GNS3?
7:48 – What is VPCS?
8:28 – What is the advantage of VPCS?
8:55 – Should we be using VPCS?
9:58 – Will VPCS be removed from GNS3?

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  • David Bombal