What’s the future? Do I have to learn network automation today? Which language? @bigevilbeard shares

Stuart Clark (@bigevilbeard) shares his thoughts about the future, best languages, open source networking and more! Use the menu to jump to specific topics.

1) Open Source Networking: 00:37
2) How to manage old devices: 1:05
3) Which libaries: 2:08
4) Pyats: 2:37
5) What is your background and how did automation help you? 3:54
6) How did you transition: 5:28
7) Why did you move from Ansible to Python? 7:38
8) Open Source Networking real world: 8:12
9) What would you start with? 8:55
10) Normir vs NAPALM: 9:49
11) Are certs worthwhile? CCNA / CCNP / CCIE? 10:34
12) Network Automation is a fad – right? Just hype? 12:20
13) Is it a requirement today to learn automation? 13:50
14) Recommended courses: 14:57
15) How many languages should I learn? Should I learn Linux? Python / Golang? 16:23
16) What is Go? 18:12
17) Python vs Go? 19:31
18) Future predictions for certs and learning: 20:34
19) Network Engineer = programming? Or be left behind? 21:48
20) Adapt or die? 23:33
21) You need to go through the pain: 25:10





Note: Travel and conference access courtesy of Cisco.

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