Want Hank Preston to teach you live? Free Python Security Training!

Want Hank Preston to teach you live? Free Python Security Training!

Do you want Hank Preston to teach you live? Free Python, Ansible, Cisco DevNet training! Visit NetDevOpsLive: There is so much valuable content available for free.

Learn how to secure your Python scripts. And many other topics!

00:57 – What is NetDevOps Live?
02:57 – NetDevOps website and contents
04:57 – Video libraries
06:35 – Is this all free?
07:30 – The types of presenters you can expect in these sessions
08:53 – Practical examples
09:47 – How do you determine the topics to cover?
13:07 – How do people make requests?
13:36 – How long do the seasons last?
14:41 – What topics are the most popular?
16:55 – Live versus recorded sessions
18:45 – Where should people start?
21:43 – Are there specific videos to start with?
23:37 – What are important topics to cover moving forward?
26:31 – More refined tools for engineers to use
27:30 – Is Network Automation/Programmability the future?

devnet Links:
NetDevOpsLive: http://bit.ly/2XsY4CQ
DevNet Site: http://bit.ly/2WRvXQI

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davidbombal
LinkedIn: https:/www.linkedin.com/in/davidbombal

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