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Learn how to secure your Python scripts. And many other topics!

00:57 – What is NetDevOps Live?
02:57 – NetDevOps website and contents
04:57 – Video libraries
06:35 – Is this all free?
07:30 – The types of presenters you can expect in these sessions
08:53 – Practical examples
09:47 – How do you determine the topics to cover?
13:07 – How do people make requests?
13:36 – How long do the seasons last?
14:41 – What topics are the most popular?
16:55 – Live versus recorded sessions
18:45 – Where should people start?
21:43 – Are there specific videos to start with?
23:37 – What are important topics to cover moving forward?
26:31 – More refined tools for engineers to use
27:30 – Is Network Automation/Programmability the future?

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