Traceroute explained // Featuring Elon Musk // Demo with Windows, Linux, macOS

Does Elon Musk actually understand how the Internet works? Can he explain traceroute and tracert properly? Well… let\’s see… I\’ll demonstrate how multiple operating systems: Windows 11, MacOS, Linux use traceroute.

There are differences including the fact that Windows uses ICMP, but macOS and Linux use UDP and ICMP.

Full Elon Musk Interview:

// MENU //
\n0:00 ▶️ Introduction
\n0:08 ▶️ Elon Musk Babylon Bee interview video
\n1:11 ▶️ How trace route works
\n1:40 ▶️ What is ping?
\n1:48 ▶️ Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
\n2:32 ▶️ How trace route (tracert) works on Windows
\n3:50 ▶️ What is a router?
\n4:10 ▶️ Wireshark packet captures
\n5:21 ▶️ Time To Live (TTL)
\n10:18 ▶️ Domain lookup using Whois
\n10:55 ▶️ Time To Live (TTL) (cont\’d)
\n12:10 ▶️ Trace route phone application
\n13:43 ▶️ Submarine cable map
\n15:22 ▶️ Traceroute on MacOS
\n18:34 ▶️ UDP explanation
\n19:56 ▶️ Traceroute on Linux
\n21:42 ▶️ Conclusion

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