Top Hacking Books for 2024 (plus Resources): FREE and Paid

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This is an amazing collection of books and resources – both free and paid. Big thanks to Jason Haddix for sharing his knowledge to help us learn in 2024!

// Books and Resources //
Web application hacker’s handbook:
Web security academy, Port Swigger:
OWASP Web Security Testing Guide:…
Web Security Testing Guide Ellie Saad and Rick Mitchell v4.2:…
Real world bug hunting:
Bug Bounty Bootcamp:
Red Team Field Manual:
Red Team Development and Operations: A practical guide:
Operator Handbook: Red Team + OSINT + Blue Team Reference:
Tribe of Hackers Red Team:
The Pentester Blueprint:
OSINT Techniques: Resources for uncovering online information:
Evading EDR:
Attacking Network Protocols:
Black Hat GraphQL:
Hacking API’s:
APISEC University:
Black Hat Go:
Black Hat Python:
Black Hat Bash:
Zseano’s methodology:…
Breaking into information security:
Expanding your security horizons:
Wiki Book Pentest living document:…
Fuzzing lists:…
Sec Lists:…
Payloads all the things:…
Pentester Lab:
Try Hack Me: Red Team Fundamentals:…
HTB Academy:
Vulnerable U:
Grzegorz Niedziela:…
Or bugbountyreportsexplained
Sharing what matters in security:
tl;dr sec:
Unsupervised learning:
Pentest Book:

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// MENU //
00:00 – Introduction
04:11 – The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook
07:16 – PortSwigger Web Security Academy
08:57 – OWASP Testing Guide
12:18 – Real-World Bug Hunting
13:35 – Bug Bounty Bootcamp
14:25 – Red Team Field Manual
16:09 – Red Team Development and Operations
17:24 – Operator Handbook
18:15 – Tribe of Hackers: Red Team
19:14 – The Pentester Blueprint
20:10 – OSINT Techniques
21:32 – Evading EDR
22:28 – Black Hat GraphQL
24:00 – Hacking APIs
26:17 – Black Hat Go
26:39 – Black Hat Python
27:41 – Black Hat Bash
29:04 – zseano’s methodology
30:59 – Breaking Into Information Security
32:22 – Jason’s Pentester Story
34:32 – Pentest Book
35:36 – HackTricks
36:48 – SecLists
37:23 – SecLists Origin Story
40:27 – Payload All The Things
41:43 – Unsupervised Learning
42:27 – tl;dr sec
43:21 – Bug Bytes Newsletter
44:10 – InsiderPhD
44:21 – High Five Newsletter
44:37 – Grzegorz Niedziela
45:26 – Vulnerable U
47:24 – Hacktivity
50:23 – HTB Academy & Try Hack Me
51:44 – PentesterLab
52:30 – The Bug Hunters Methodology Live
56:01 – Where to Start
58:11 – Attacking Network Protocols

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