Top 3 Cybersecurity Career Tips (from Ex-NSA Hacker)

Neal is back and shares his Top 3 Cybersecurity tips! There’s also some very important life lessons in this video as Neal shares some life changing information.

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00:00 – Coming up
01:27 – Neal Bridges’ PGA goal // Help support Neal’s journey to the PGA
03:06 – The cancer story
18:04 – Neal’s top 3 tips in life
26:54 – Top 3 tips for careers
39:47 – The hacked youtube channel story
41:41 – Top 3 tips for careers (continued)
43:26 – You can get hacked
45:13 – Advice to get to higher positions (upcoming)
47:03 – Business acumen // Learn business skills
50:13 – Soft skills // Communication is key
52:43 – “I’m Robert Downey Jr.”
55:17 – Technical vs Business // Find the balance
01:00:09 – Neal is back online
01:02:24 – Neal’s goal to get to the PGA
01:06:02 – Conclusion

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