The top 10 skills Network Engineers need to learn in 2019!

What are the top 10 skills and technologies you need to learn in 2019? CCNA? Python? AWS? Ivan Pepelnjak shares his knowledge about SDN, OpenFlow, NSX, Whitebox switching, disaggregation, Cumulus Linux and a whole lot more. Use the menu to jump to a specific topic.

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Top 10 skills discussion starts here: 01:09:10

00:17 – Introductions
01:15 – Ivan’s new content and interesting courses
03:00 – Webinar content
05:25 – Do Network Engineers need to know the theory behind specific topics like OSPF
09:50 – What is SDN?
19:34 – OpenFlow implementations
22:20 – Other SDN solutions
24:02 – What is Cisco ACI?
27:40 – What is VMware NSX?
33:00 – How do the other SDN solutions compare?
35:00 – Should I study Cisco or AWS?
43:50 – Will we still have jobs in the cloud era? Will AWS and Azure replace my jobs?
47:07 – Will automation replace network engineers? Will AI replace us?
50:40 – AWS versus CCIE?
53:00 – Cumulus and other vendor switches used by Facebook, Amazon etc Why should I care?
59:55 – What is Whitebox switching / disaggregation?
01:09:10 – Should Network Engineers learn Linux?
01:09:47 – What technologies should I learn today if I’m starting out in my career?
01:13:45 – Other skills you should get today? Soft skills / mentorship.
01:15:00 – Don’t fake it!

Top 10 technologies and skills to learn in 2019:
1) Networking – obviously you need to know networking if you are a network engineer 🙂 Get your ccna / CCNP / CCIE
2) Linux
3) Git
4) Python
5) Higher level automation tool like Ansible / Bash / Make
6) Networking on Linux
7) Cloud skills like AWS or Azure
8) Application Architectures
9) Soft skills
10) Mentoring

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