Is the CCIE still relevant? Are CCNA, CCNP and CCIE certs even worth it? Surely SDN and Network Automation are replacing certifications? The CCIE is no longer worth it as networks will be automated. Right? With SDN and network automation, there is no longer a need for CCNA, CCNP or CCIE certifications. Jeff McLaughlin, Director, Technical Marketing at Cisco tells us his thoughts on this. He also explains SD-Access (SDA) and other Cisco SDN technologies.
Who is Jeff: 00:24
The CCIE is dead: 2:20
Is Networking still a good career? CCNA or Python? 8:05
Open Source tools? 11:00
What is SDN? 13:17
Does Cisco support OpenFlow? 16:34
What is Intent Based Networking? SD-Access / ACI / SD-WAN 18:30
What is SD-Access (SDA)? 21:46
What is the advantage of SD-Access? 27:46
Can ACI and SD-Access work together? 32:38
What is the best technology to study as a new person? 33:48

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INTERVIEWING #1: How I got my first networking job:

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