The AI Cybersecurity future is here

AI is required to secure networks today. And the future of Cybersecurity is powered by AI. You better be using AI to secure your systems.

Big thank you to Cisco for sponsoring this video and my trip to Cisco Live.

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00:00 – Coming up
01:10 – Defenders vs Attackers // How the scale is tipping in favour of the Defenders
02:30 – A solution for security
05:43 – Too much data and how A.I. can help
07:30 – A.I. in the firewalls
08:57 – “A.I. will assist and augment”
10:11 – Shortage of people in cyber security
10:58 – Other Cisco products with A.I.
12:09 – The Splunk acquisition // How data will be used
13:39 – Concerns of personal data and A.I.
15:37 – Hallucinations in ChatGPT
16:36 – Cisco EVE explained
19:26 – The career path in the future with A.I.
21:26 – User Interface is important // Keep it simple
22:49 – A.I. and diversity
23:52 – Protecting online identity
26:20 – Conclusion

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