Network Myths: Ethernet

What’s the maximum distance of Ethernet? 100 meters? Can you use an Ethernet cable that only has 1 pair left? Lots of questions to answer! Big thank you to NVT Phybridge for sponsoring this video. Menu: 100Mbps using dodgy cable? 0:00 True or false: max distance of Ethernet is 100m: 0:16 Can you use single… Continue reading Network Myths: Ethernet

Network Myths: TCP/IP

Is TCP/IP required in networks? Do switches require that hosts use TCP/IP? Is it possible to run a non-TCP/IP network? Need help for your CCNA exam? Join my Discord here: Menu: Is TCP/IP required in networks? 0:00 Do PCs need to use TCP/IP? 0:30 Network devices: 1:10 Network Topology: 1:39 IPX/SPX example: 2:00 Protocols… Continue reading Network Myths: TCP/IP

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