Which song is that?

Which song is that? It’s very easy to find out! Download great music here: https://bit.ly/getgreatmusic​ Menu: Which song is that? 0:00 ​ Swipe down: 0:18​ How to enable: 0:52​ Use Siri: 1:35​ Install application (not required on iOS): 2:24 ​ You cannot remember everything: 3:05​ ================ Connect with me: ================ Discord: http://discord.davidbombal.com ​ Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/davidbombal​… Continue reading Which song is that?

Linux, Apple, Windows Remote Control (VNC part 1)

Want to control your Mac from a Windows PC? Or Windows from a Mac? Or Ubuntu from Windows? This is how. (Part 1). Need help? Join my Discord: https://discord.com/invite/usKSyzb​ Menu: Overview: 0:00​ Warnings: 0:54​ Windows VNC install: 1:54 ​ Passwords and encryption: 3:11​ Control Windows from a Mac: 4:34​ Apple macOS screen sharing: 5:16​ Remotely… Continue reading Linux, Apple, Windows Remote Control (VNC part 1)