SMS spoofing and Raspberry Pi Scada hacking

Occupy The Web (OTW) explains how hacks shown in the Mr Robot TV Series actually work (and if they are actually realistic). He compares real world sms spoofing, Rasberry Pi and Scada hacking versus what is shown in the TV series. How realistic are the hacks in Mr Robot?

Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes only. May it be a warning to all of us. Secure your systems and do not connect unprotected systems to the Internet.

In this video we discuss the hacks in Mr Robot Season 1 Episode 5. Which other episodes or technologies do you want us to cover in future videos? Please comment.

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// MENU //
00:00 – We\’re doing this in the real world!
00:24 – Back with OccupyTheWeb
01:38 – Overview //The Hacker\’s Dilemma
03:16 – The Plan//Destroying Evil Corp\’s Backups
06:10 – High Temperature Destroy Tape Backups?
07:10 – Social Engineering//SMS Spoofing
11:48 – Why This Could Work
13:04 – Comment!//Spoofing Services That Work?
143:53 – Setup//Raspberry Pi with Kali
15:25 – Virtual Machine Setup
16:01 – Netcat//Setting Up Hacking Pi
17:50 – Netcat//Connecting to Hacking Pi
18:43 – Options//Reverse Shell//Rogue WiFi AP
20:01 – Recon with Nmap
22:26 – OTW Real World Hack//Schneider
23:59 – Gaining Access to /etc/passwd
26:01 – After Publishing the Hack Online
28:48 – Scanning for PLCs
30:19 – Modbus CLI//Memory Probing Tool
31:34 – How This Could Be Used in Mr. Robot
32:29 – Cyberwar//SCADA Hacking Overlooked
32:55 – Summary & Notes
34:04 – SCADA Network Cabling
35:41 – SCADA Hacking//Research!
36:11 – The Challenge in Mr Robot
36:39 – Mr. Robot Hacks//Realistic?
37:11 – SCADA Hacking Sim?
38:16 – Resources to Learn SCADA
38:48 – More Mr Robot? Leave a Comment!

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Disclaimer: This video is for educational purposes only.

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