In this video Hank demonstrates Postman and the Chrome development tools.

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Hank’s Video on getting started with Postman

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Setting up your Windows workstation as a development environment: Install bash, git, Python, atom, Postman, Docker and more!

So you are a follower of Gates, Balmer and Nadella, excellent! Let’s supercharge that Windows workstation with everything you need to be a programability ninja!

– Install a basic development toolset on your local workstation
-Verify the tools are all working as expected

In this lab you’ll find walkthroughs on how to install a set of common development tools on a Windows 10 workstation. If you haven’t reviewed the lab “What is a Development Environment, and why do you need one?” yet, you may want to go back and take a look. In it, you will learn the reasons behind the types of tools and choices made for this lab.

  • David Bombal