Retro 10base5 Thicknet and 10base2 Thinnet network

Retro 10base5 Thicknet and 10base2 Thinnet network

This is a working example of the stuff that you read about in books. The retro network from the 1970s and 1980s. See how these networks actually worked with this fully working demonstration of 10base5, 10base2 and 10baseT. I am accessing the Internet from Windows 3.11 and Windows 98 computers connected via transceivers to a 10base5 network. These cables are also known as thicknet and thinnet. Bob Metcalfe invented Ethernet in the 1970s and it has changed the world.

This is the birth of ethernet – 10base5. Then came 10base2 and then 10base t. You should know a bit of the history of networking if you are studying for your CompTIA network+ or Cisco CCNA certifications. You may even be a CCNP and have not seen these ethernet networks in your lifetime. Learn about transceivers, vampire taps and the other old technologies used in past Ethernet networks.

This is a classic example of retro computing using a true retro network from years ago. This is before the days of lan parties when retro gaming was big using retro games such as doom.

See how the original Ethernet actually worked with Terminators, Vampire Taps, Network Interface Cards (NICs) drop cables, Attachment Unit Interfaces (AUI), Medium Attachment Units (MAU), transceivers, BNC connectors, Thicknet 10base5 cabling, 10base2 cabling and more!

Robert Bob Metcalfe developed Ethernet in the 1970s. This is a working version of that 10base5 network.

Overview: 0:00
10Base5 cabling and transceivers : 0:34
Thicknet vs Thinnet: 1:55
Terminators: 3:04
10Base2 Transceivers: 3:18
10BaseT Transceivers: 3:38
Why is it called 10Base5: 4:10
Why is it called 10Base2: 4:52
Why is it called 10Base-T: 5:38
Network Diagrams and Drop Cables: 7:02
NICs: 8:22
10Base5 Network Diagram: 10:00
10Base2 Network Diagram: 10:47
10BaseT Network Diagram: 11:33
Demonstration and testing: 13:03
Ping across 10Base5 Network: 14:30
Firefox connection to 15:15
Ethereal (Wireshark): 15:40
PcAnywhere controlling Windows 3.11: 19:01
Breaking the network: 20:17

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