Want to automate networks easily? Use Python, CSV files and Cisco Genie (pyATS). Hank Preston shows us how to connect to live devices and automate the network.

1:15 – Start Python Virtual Environment
4:10 – Install VIRL utils
6:12 – Genie Install
8:10 – Genie Inventory file (testbed file)
12:05 – Install iPython
12:30 – Create and use Genie Python Script
32:00 – Python Script with multiple devices

Videos mentioned and references:
CSV Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB9D4RqBaQw
Genie Intro Video: https://youtu.be/unOmwDsMj8k
VIRL Utils: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0jfZLobFdU
Which network automation tool should I learn? https://youtu.be/jsh4XUPZTWE

pyATS and Genie on DevNet: http://bit.ly/2KVshrt
NetDevOps Live Episode on Python Libraries including CSV: http://bit.ly/2xrowkK
Network programmability Basics Video Series covering CSV: http://bit.ly/325FxPB
Code Samples Repo https://github.com/hpreston/network_info_scripts
Final Code Sample https://github.com/hpreston/network_info_scripts/blob/master/interface_report.py
Interactive Walkthrough https://github.com/hpreston/network_info_scripts/blob/master/interface_report_interactive.py

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  • David Bombal