Python, Genie and CSV Files = Easy Network Automation (DevNet)

Want to automate networks easily? Use Python, CSV files and Cisco Genie (pyATS). Hank Preston shows us how to connect to live devices and automate the network.

1:15 – Start Python Virtual Environment
4:10 – Install VIRL utils
6:12 – Genie Install
8:10 – Genie Inventory file (testbed file)
12:05 – Install iPython
12:30 – Create and use Genie Python Script
32:00 – Python Script with multiple devices

Videos mentioned and references:
CSV Part 1:
Genie Intro Video:
VIRL Utils:
Which network automation tool should I learn?

pyATS and Genie on DevNet:
NetDevOps Live Episode on Python Libraries including CSV:
Network programmability Basics Video Series covering CSV:
Code Samples Repo
Final Code Sample
Interactive Walkthrough

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  • David Bombal