Why is Python better than Ansible? What is Nornir? Is AI important? Dmitry shares his views!

Dmitry tells us why he believes Python and Nornir are better than Ansible. He explains what Nornir is and how he became part of the core developer team of Nornir.

Live Stream on Twitch: 0:32
Dimitry’s programming background and how he got into Cisco: 1:00
Are you a Networker or Programmer: 6:32
Nornir: 8:25
Why is Python better than Ansible? 11:16
Why is Nornir better (threading and other options)? 16:25
Is Normir a Python version of Ansible? 22:27
Can someone start with Nornir? 22:47
Just get started: 28:28
Are certifications important? 30:18
Reasons to get certs: 32:40
Would you still go for CCNA, CCNP, CCIE today? 34:08
What is machine learning and AI? 36:50

Dmitry’s details:





Network to Code slack group:

#Python #Ansible #Nornir

Note: Travel and conference access courtesy of Cisco.

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