Protocol Wars! | Free CCNA 200-301 Course | Video #9

Protocol Wars! | Free CCNA 200-301 Course | Video #9

Protocol Wars! TCP/IP has won them all. Learn about bits, frames, packets, segments and more in this video. CCNA ($10):
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This is video #9 of my FREE CCNA Course 200-301 – a complete CCNA course for the new Cisco CCNA exam. I am going to be covering all the topics in the exam blueprint in this course.

I want to make this content practical and it will include a lots of labs and demonstrations to help you better understand topics on the exam.

The course will contain:
– Videos
– Labs using Cisco Packet Tracer
– Quiz Questions
– And more!

Warning: 0:00
Protocol wars: 1:55
RFCs: 3:28
Protocols: 3:34
Where are devices in the TCP/IP model? 4:55
Bits, frames, packets, segments: 7:01
Thank you to my supporters: 9:05

Packet Tracer lab (covered in subsequent videos):

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