OSINT tools to track you down. You cannot hide.

Never post photos on social media if you want privacy. It\’s amazing how easy it is to find the location of photos posted on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or other social media platforms.

You cannot hide. Your privacy is over. Time to learn Open Source Intelligence from the best.

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// MENU //
00:00 – Let\’s Find Nessie!
00:14 – The Art of Geolocation with OSINT Curious
01:31 – Image 01//Egyptian Wall
02:53 – Bing Reverse Image Search
04:15 – Image Cleanup Tools
05:17 – Removing David
05:51 – Finding David with the Cleaned Up Image
10:37 – Image 02//The Lighthouse
11:32 – Bing Visual Search
14:01 – Confirming the Location with 360 Photos
16:46 – Results May Vary
18:08 – Use Different Search Engines!
18:45 – Add-on to Speed Up Image Searching
22:56 – Image 03//Speed Test!
25:10 – Image 04//The Bridge
26:28 – Google Images vs Bing vs Yandex
28:36 – Image 05//Nessie
30:04 – Nessie in London?
30:53 – Using Observational Techniques to Find Locations
33:56 – Matching the Photo
40:14 – Using Google Street View
41:39 – Google Easter Egg
43:11 – The Google Boat?
44:58 – EXIF Data Tool//Finding Exact Location
46:59 – Image 06//The Canal
49:57 – Identifying Canal with Boat
52:20 – The Canal in Google Street View
53:33 – Cities vs Countryside
55:51 – How to Get Good
57:16 – More OSINT? Leave a Comment!

Previous video: https://youtu.be/ImWJgDQ-_ek

EXIF video: https://youtu.be/A_itRNhbgZk

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