O.MG: From zero to hero

O.MG: From zero to hero

Step by step instructions on how to use the cable!
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Overview: 0:00​
Purchase Cable: 1:52​
How the cables work: 2:10​
Ducky: 3:27​
Programmer: 4:00​
Cable for the demos: 5:12
​ Plug in programmer: 5:28​
URL to use to get started: 6:06
​ github.com overview: 6:46​
Download firmware: 7:27​
Install firmware and setup AP mode: 8:52
​ Connect to Cable Web UI: 11:08​
Script 1 – Open Notepad: 12:18​
Script 2 – Browse to website: 13:10​
Lost Connection to cable: 13:44​
Run Script 2: 14:16​
Kali Linux Python Web server: 15:29
​ DNS server setup: 16:22​
Script 3 – WiFi: 18:10​
Prove that script 3 actually works: 20:27
​ Summary of video: 21:59​

Previous video: https://youtu.be/QHwPaLChvgw

My scripts on GitHub: https://github.com/davidbombal/hak5

Buy the cable: https://bit.ly/30Dt5HT
Cable setup: https://bit.ly/36BbJis
GitHub Script 3: https://bit.ly/2F9wMxo
GitHub Python Server: https://bit.ly/3dfjzjj​
Good scripts: https://bit.ly/3iBbDK6​

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