Network Myths: Ethernet

Network Myths: Ethernet

What’s the maximum distance of Ethernet? 100 meters? Can you use an Ethernet cable that only has 1 pair left? Lots of questions to answer!
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100Mbps using dodgy cable? 0:00
True or false: max distance of Ethernet is 100m: 0:16
Can you use single pair cables? 0:35
You cannot use coax cables? True or false? 0:49
You need to upgrade your cabling. True or false? 1:15
NVT Phybridge solutions: 1:26
Cisco partnership: 2:05
Testing 2000 feet cable: 2:44
Test 4xPOE devices over 2000 feet of Ethernet cable: 4:43
What types of speeds to you get at 2000 feet: 6:25
What amount of bandwidth do you actually need: 7:00
iPerf test at 2000 feet: 7:32
What kinds of speeds at 100m? 9:30
2 pair cable – does that work? 10:44
1 pair cable – speed test: 11:40
Switch power sharing: 13:59

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