Learn how to manage your network and check for issues in the cloud or Internet with Solarwinds NPM 12. Get this course and 2 more for FREE by downloading NPM using this link: http://goo.gl/MP9Vu5 A couple important notes to access your free training.

1)Enter your details in the registration form.

2) Make sure you “Agree to Receive Communication” as the initial email will provide you with the registration codes to access the training In this course you will learn: 1) How to virtualize entire networks using GNS3 2) How to integrate powerful network management applications from Solwarwinds with GNS3 3) How to check for problems in your ISP networks using NPM NetPath services 4) Learn about network management protocols and terms such as SNMP, MIBs and OIDs. 5) Practically implement network management to help prepare for your Solarwinds or Cisco CCNA exam.

  • David Bombal