Network Engineers are Developers! No more excuses.

Network Engineers are Developers! No more excuses.

No more excuses. Network Engineers are now developers. Plus, learn how to open CSV files and manipulate CSV data using Python.

Hank Preston continues to teach us core Python skills.

00:16 – Hank Conferences
00:34 – Global PyCon conference
01:10 – Is the python PyCon conference worthwhile for Network Engineers?
03:00 – Network Automation Open Space at PyCon
05:25 – Are Network Engineers Programmers / Developers?
09:25 – Imposter Syndrome!
12:50 – Sharing is caring
15:50 – Python Libraries & Packages / Don’t reinvent the wheel!
17:08 – CSV Libraries
19:15 – Atom (IDE) and iPython and other code editors
21:33 – Working with CSV libraries
25:00 – Importing and opening CSV
32:48 – Python for loop
42:33 – Using the Python With statement
50:51 – Using the built in help capabilities
1:00:35 – Prompting the user to add more data
1:05:47 – Using a Shebang line
1:08:20 – Linux Permissions (add execute permissions)

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