Network Devices Part 1 | Free CCNA 200-301 Course | Video #6

Network Devices Part 1 | Free CCNA 200-301 Course | Video #6

What are repeaters, bridges, hubs, switches and routers? And why do we use them? Time to find out! CCNA ($10):
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I’ll showing you physical devices in this course as you will learn much, much more when you actually see what devices look like. Pictures are ok, but videos showing you physical devices are much better.

This is video #6 of my FREE CCNA Course 200-301 – a complete CCNA course for the new Cisco CCNA exam. I am going to be covering all the topics in the exam blueprint in this course.

I want to make this content practical and it will include a lots of labs and demonstrations to help you better understand topics on the exam.

The course will contain:
– Videos
– Labs using Cisco Packet Tracer
– Quiz Questions
– And more!

Overview: 0:00
Original Ethernet: 1:35
Repeaters: 1:55
Mutliport Repeaters (hubs): 2:30
WiFi: 4:44
Switches: 5:30
Routers: 9:50
Summary 14:00
Thank you to my supporters: 14:15

PDF with slides:

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