Need help with Network Automation? Cisco DevNet Developers are here to help!

Need help with your company’s Network Automation? Come and discuss your projects with the DevNet team! Meet the developer and get help from the DevNet stars!

Whats new and exciting at Cisco DevNet this year? Hank Preston tells us all about it!

Hank’s personal experience: 00:53
How to get started? 3:25
Meet the Developer – get help with your automation projects: 4:05
Exciting new things happening: 7:46
DevNet Co-Creations: 11:10
DevNet Takeovers: 11:57
Sandbox Challenges: 13:10
Come and meet us: 15:30

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Meet the Developer:
Get mentored to get started with programming… Your journey to becoming a developer begins here!

Cisco Design Thinking
Experience the power of the end-to-end flow of Design Thinking.
Get tips on running Design Thinking activities or workshop sessions with your team and customers.

Start Now
Come check out the beginning 101 courses on GitHub, Python, Coding, Meraki, Cisco DNA Center, Cisco ACI and moreโ€ฆ Save your spot to get hands-on with iOS, Swift and much more..

DevNet Co-Creations
Discover the art of possible when you partner with the DevNet team to customize your innovation.
Check the latest innovative demos with various partners….

DevNet Takeovers
Join us for snacks, drinks, giveaways and product specific content with various Cisco groups.

Sandbox Challenge
Play the DevNet Sandbox Tablet Teaser Challenge. If you get the fastest time of the day, a great prize will be yours!

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  • David Bombal