MALWARE ANALYSIS // How to get started with John Hammond

MALWARE ANALYSIS // How to get started with John Hammond

The amazing John Hammond tells us how to get into Malware Analysis. Learn about jobs, what you need to know and much more!

Pretty sketchy stuff! 0:00
Welcome John Hammond: 0:37
Don’t divide cyber in your mind: 0:53
John’s day job: 2:00
Hacker’s crafty methods: 3:17
Will AI take jobs away? 4:02
How do I become like you? 4:55
Windows is very important: 5:35
Malware vs CTFs: 6:12
Is Malware mainly on Windows systems? 6:32
Always comes back to the same thing: 7:28
Practical Example: 8:50
John’s setup: 9:29
Python malware example: 11:42
Malware code: 12:50
Bad guys can sell this information: 15:50
But this is in the clear? 16:30
Obfuscated version: 17:14
Real world? Don’t want to touch disk: 18:28
How do I find this stuff: 19:50
Weird Spam SMS messages: 20:58
Real World: Finding malware: 21:30
John’s real world company example: 23:42
Real world logic to find malware: 24:20
Detectors: 25:23
Hunting malware: 25:48
Use your eyes – don’t trust an automated systems: 26:25
Input from other systems: 27:15
How do I become like you? 27:49
What kind of skills would you look for in a person to get a job: 28:00
Look at malware sites: 29:24
Build out a library: 30:15
David pushes John for a job on LinkedIn: 30:38
How did John get his job? 33:05
Use social media: 33:30
How John got his first job: 34:31
It’s who you know, not what you know: 35:55
How John got his current job: 36:30
Would you hire someone with certs; or someone you know: 38:19
Windows bat script example: 39:50
Which languages does John know: 45:08
How do you know if it is good or bad code? 45:38
Office Macros Malware Example: 46:45
Cool Linux command: 50:40
Is this a good job? Are there lots of job? 51:26
What hours do you work? 52:30
Any books you recommend? 53:31

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