Linux for Hackers: LINUX commands you need to know (with OTW) // Ep 6

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00:00 – Coming up
00:52 – Brilliant sponsored segment
03:10 – Linux Basics for Hackers // Process Management
04:39 – Kali command demo // Processes explained
08:09 – Finding malicious processes
09:22 – Processes explained
11:13 – “Nice” and “Re-nice” explained
11:56 – How to end malicious processes
15:16 – How to run processes in the background and foreground
17:58 – Scheduling processes
21:09 – Bash scripting like Max Butler // The story of Max Butler
27:00 – Keeping it simple for beginners
28:19 – Other OTW books
32:25 – Conclusion

Linux for Hackers
Kali Linux
Parrot OS
Command Line
System Processes
Malicious Malware
Bash Scripting
Background Processes
Quantum Computing
Process Management in Linux
Daemon Processes
PS Command Usage
Process IDs (PID)
Terminal Management
Top Command for Resource Monitoring
CPU and Memory Usage
Killing Processes
Sudo for Root Privileges
Apache Web Server
Running Scripts in Background
Scheduling Tasks with ‘at’ Command
Network Basics
Wireshark for Packet Analysis
Firewall Configuration
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and SDR Hacking
Metasploit Framework
Career Opportunities in Cybersecurity
History of Hacking
Passive and Active Reconnaissance
Software Defined Radio (SDR)

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