Is wifi 6 a switch? Video Short: Does 802.11ax OFMDA change Wi-Fi 6 from a hub to a switch?

This is a Wifi 6 short video: Do you know how Wi-Fi 6 actually works? Does OFDMA make wifi 6 like a network switch? Some people say so, but what does Rowell, our wireless expert say?

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Do you understand terms such as OFDMA, BSS Coloring, TWT, 1024 QAM and more? Well this video explains all of those terms! Wifi 6 is not a switch as some have said – even with OFDMA – but 802.11ax now allows multiple clients to transmit at the same time! That is a massive change in wifi technologies. Learn about all the new wifi 6 advantages and confusing terms in simple to understand language.

Rowell explains Wifi fundamentals and advanced concepts using simple language and fantastic analogies.

Wifi is becoming more and more important. So, if you are studying for your ccna wireless exam, or ccnp exam, this video will help you. Learn about ofdma and other terms: bss coloring, target wake time and many others. Even if you are only preparing for your icnd1 or ccent exam, start learning some wireless technologies if you want to get a career as a network engineer.

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