Do network engineers need to learn Machine Learning (ML)? Is ML even real? Or is it just fake? How can you learn ML is you are interested?

Cisco devnet just released a new development environment of the Cisco UCS C480 ML Server for anyone interested in GPU-accelerated computing!

Introduction: 00:14
Cisco Machine Learning is real with examples: 00:57
DevNet ML examples: 3:00
DevNet Machine Learning Platform: 4:24
Cisco ML Partners: 4:45
DevVet ML live demo: 5:30
Is ML and AI real or is it hype: 9:30
Cisco and ML virsus example: 10:32
Will network engineers lose their jobs? 11:35
Patrick’s background: 13:05
How to learn ML: 13:35
Do network engineers need to learn ML: 15:30

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Cisco devnet explains!

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  • David Bombal