Is Machine Learning Fake? Do Network Engineers need to learn ML?

Do network engineers need to learn Machine Learning (ML)? Is ML even real? Or is it just fake? How can you learn ML is you are interested?

Cisco devnet just released a new development environment of the Cisco UCS C480 ML Server for anyone interested in GPU-accelerated computing!

Introduction: 00:14
Cisco Machine Learning is real with examples: 00:57
DevNet ML examples: 3:00
DevNet Machine Learning Platform: 4:24
Cisco ML Partners: 4:45
DevVet ML live demo: 5:30
Is ML and AI real or is it hype: 9:30
Cisco and ML virsus example: 10:32
Will network engineers lose their jobs? 11:35
Patrick’s background: 13:05
How to learn ML: 13:35
Do network engineers need to learn ML: 15:30

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Cisco devnet explains!

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  • David Bombal