How easy is it to configure the Cisco Small Business Access Points? Better than Ubiquiti?

Does Cisco even care about small businesses? Do they have products that help small, medium business with their network requirements. How good are their wifi products?

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Introduction 0:00
Comparison to Unfi: 1:10
Unbox Cisco 140AC Access Point: 2:26
Cisco Phone Apps: 4:50
New Site Wizard: 5:51
WiFi settings: 7:19
Management network: 9:44
Add 140AC Access Point to the site: 10:17
Unbox Cisco 142ACM Mesh Extender: 11:58
Cisco 140AC setup completed: 13:42
Test WiFi network: 15:00
Add Cisco CBS250 switch via phone app: 15:50
Add Mesh Extender to the network: 16:56
Upgrade firmware of switches and access points: 18:20
What do you think? 19:19

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