Huge CML news! Fantastic changes are here.

This is fantastic news about CML (Cisco Modeling Labs)! So great to see the continued development of CML and this latest update is going to make a huge difference for so many of us.

Big thanks to Cisco for sponsoring my trip to Cisco Live and this video.

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00:00 – Coming up & Intro
00:16 – David introducing and welcoming Ralph
00:24 – Update on CML2.7 release and features
01:22 – Good news IOL is in CML
02:49 – Installation of CML demo videos
02:53 – CML and Azure
04:05 – Terraform and CML
04:59 – CML demo
07:50 – CML getting better and faster
08:14 – Other smaller features
09:10 – Multiple configurations that can be applied to single device
09:53 – Effort put into the product
11:02 – GitHub repository on Cisco DevNet
11:59 – Thanking Ralph and outro

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Disclaimer: Video is for educational purposes only.

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