How Wi-Fi 6 actually works! Fundamentals of 802.11ax / wifi 6

Learn how Wifi 6 actually works! No, it is not a switch even with OFDMA, but 802.11ax now allows multiple clients to transmit at the same time! That is a massive change in wifi technologies. Learn about all the new wifi 6 advantages and confusing terms in simple to understand language.

Rowell explains Wifi fundamentals and advanced concepts using simple language and fantastic analogies.

Wifi 6 new features: 00:01
Wifi 6 speed: 1:12
Rowell Introduction: 4:25
Wifi podcast: 5:00
Rowell’s experience – Stanford University: 6:15
What about Wi-Fi 6 is interesting (high efficiency) 9:30
Why is it called Wifi 6? 11:27
What fast is Wifi 6 – caveats: 14:00
What does Wifi 6 high efficiency mean? 15:49
OFDMA: 17:55
Getting back to the basics: What is a channel? 20:45
Is Wifi 6 a switch? 22:15
What is channel bonding? 25:22
Multiple Radios (Radio Channels): 28:36
Wifi 6 2×2, 4×4, 8×8 Radio chains: 30:43
MU-MIMO – is it like a switch? Or Hub?: 35:03
BSS Coloring: 46:39
Is Wifi 6 it real? Is it pre-standard? 49:30
2.4 Ghz change in Wifi 6: 50:53
Latency in Wi-Fi 6: 53:01
What about the client devices? 54:12
Will old devices slow the network down? 55:32
How many years will it take to convert? 57:28
Real World Deployment? Should I upgrade? What should customers do? Get Wifi 6 today? 58:38
Wifi 6 Modulation: 1024 QAM: 1:01:02
Target Wake Time (IOT devices):1:05:14
Wifi Tools: 1:13:06

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