How this hacker Hacked NASA in 60 seconds (Real World Tutorial)

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Jason is back showing us his tools and methodology to ethically hack companies and help secure them. In this video he shows us how he hacked NASA in 60 seconds (and how you can learn to do something similar).

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00:00 – Coming up
00:41 – Watch until the end!
00:59 – Brilliant sponsored segment
01:56 – How Jason hacked NASA
04:09 – Finding credentials on Github
06:39 – Useful tool // “github-subdomains”
09:47 – Why it’s important to find subdomains
11:20 – Searching for passwords on Github
15:20 – Searching for credentials on Github
19:13 – Where to get Jason’s scripts
19:50 – The Bug Hunter’s Methodology Live
22:17 – Class sneak preview
23:53 – Amass tool
26:01 – Subfinder tool
26:59 – How to keep track of everything
31:44 – “How to do something and when to do something”
34:51 – Threat intelligence //
41:33 – Ransomware service on the dark web // Lockbit
46:55 – Reach out to Jason // Socials
48:08 – Win a free seat to Jason’s course
48:50 – Conclusion

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