What tools and gadgets does Chris Greer use for packet analysis, device discovery and threat hunting? Here’s one of his newest tools! What is it and is it any good?

I trust Chris. When Chris tells me he uses a product in the real world, I listen to him.

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// MENU //
00:00 – Kali NetHunter Rogue Access Point
00:25 – Concerns about devices on our networks
01:52 – I trust my friends and allow them to recommend devices
02:28 – Collaboration via Link-Live
03:10 – Scan the network
04:13 – Automated discovery
05:15 – Nmap (new cool feature)
06:38 – Nmap demo
08:38 – Nmap Scripts
10:02 – Topology Map
12:02 – Rogue Access Points
14:38 – Rogue Switches and devices (Discovery and port scans)
16:40 – There’s only one Chris Greer! (Download his brain)
17:23 – Packet Capture (10 GbE)
20:00 – Closing Thoughts
20:39 – Outro

netally cyberscope

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