Hak5 OMG Plug // New Payloads // Web Flasher is here

Hak5 OMG Plug // New Payloads // Web Flasher is here

Fantastic updates from Hak5: OMG Plug, Payloads website and O.MG web flasher.

// MENU //
0:00 ▶️ Introduction
1:25 ▶️ OMG HID Device
2:20 ▶️ Demo
5:30 ▶️ New Hak5 Payloads website
6:30 ▶️ OMG Cable demonstration
7:20 ▶️ OMG Web Flasher

// Buy Hak5 coolness here //
Buy Hak5: https://davidbombal.wiki/gethak5

// PDF Instructions //
OMG Flasher instructions: https://davidbombal.wiki/omgplug

// Links //
Hak5 Payloads: https://payloads.hak5.org/
O.MG Flasher: https://o-mg.github.io/WebFlasher/
O.MG Github: https://github.com/O-MG

// Previous videos //
Interview with MG: https://youtu.be/B09CM6KaAuk
OMG Cable setup: https://youtu.be/V5mBJHotZv0
Hak5 Rubber Ducky setup: https://youtu.be/A2JNBpUotZM

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