Hacking WiFi with Apple M1?

Hacking WiFi with Apple M1?

It’s now easy to install Kali Linux on Apple M1 silicon using Parallels. This is your first step to hacking with Apple silicon. You can resize your screen, connect to WiFi networks to hack and install Parallels software for easy copying.

Parallels preview: https://bit.ly/parallelsm1
Kali Linux download: https://kali.org/downloads/
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WiFi adapters used in video: Alfa AWUS036NHA: https://amzn.to/3wnyVen
​ Previous video: https://youtu.be/uBzKDF67eWY

Can you hack with an Apple M1 computer? 0:00
​ Change display: 0:28​
Parallels tools 0:55​
WiFi connections to Apple M1: 1:18
​ Detecting networks: 1:40​
Download Parallels software: 2:48
​ Download Kali Linux ARM64: 3:15​
Install Parallels: 4:03​
Add Kali to Parallels on Apple M1: 5:16​
Install Kali via graphical user interface: 6:08
​ Important: Desktop environment: 7:48​
Change Kali resolution: 9:14​
Fully working installation: 9:44​
Install Parallels tools: 10:14​
Fix mounting: 11:04​
Install Parallels installer: 11:52
​ Fix errors: 12:10​
Successful installation of Parallels software: 14:05
​ Test of copy and paste from Mac to Linux: 14:40​
WiFi adapter test on new install: 15:05​

Previous video mentioned: https://youtu.be/uBzKDF67eWY

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