Hacking USBs 🔥 and other hardware with MG (Creator of Hak5 OMG cable)

Hacking USBs 🔥 and other hardware with MG (Creator of Hak5 OMG cable)

Learning how to hack hardware with MG – the creator of the OMG cable. This isn’t easy – especially when you scale production – but very interesting.

Disclosure: This video is NOT sponsored by Hak5. I just like this stuff 🙂 MG did however send me one OMG cable for testing, but I have purchased the rest of the products myself. Please note that if you buy Hak5 products using the link below I will get an affiliate fee.

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Buy Hak5: https://davidbombal.wiki/gethak5

// Menu //
Part time job? 0:00
Can you guess what this does? 0:19
Real world and NSA example: 0:46
Feature updates: 1:52
WiFi range: 2:23
People making money: 5:48
Keylogger intro: 6:14
Welcome: 6:37
History of OMG cable: 6:58
You like pain: 10:57
6 weeks of craziness: 11:38
Home of OMG: 13:01
Samples and logic: 13:22
What’s coming: 17:15
Can you power a device or phone with the cable: 18:23
Payloads on lightening port: 19:57
EU may force USB-C: 21:36
How did you learn this: 22:30
Learning tips on how to learn this: 26:15
Arduino and Raspberry Pi: 29:48
Ikea example: 30:57
Cables are so expensive! 32:14
MG’s course: 37:58
Different price points for different use cases: 39:43
OMG Plug: 40:19
Real world examples of use cases: 41:13
Very visual for education: 42:47
Supply chain nightmare: 44:37
How do you get from idea to UK: 46:36
Do you make every one of these? 47:16
OMG Programmer: 48:11
You should charge more: 49:10
You cannot see the difference: 50:10
Supply chain issues: 52:15
Would you do this again: 54:00
How do you find manufacturers: 55:37
Hardware is hard: 57:44
What are the biggest problems: 58:22
20 / 80 rule: 59:56
Advice: 1:01:36

// Links //
Exploding USB: https://mg.lol/blog/mr-self-destruct/
HackADay: https://hackaday.com/
WiFi Distance Test: https://youtu.be/bZRJUdIhJi0

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