Hacking LinkedIn to get a JOB

Hacking LinkedIn to get a JOB

LinkedIn is so important. Use it wisely so you can get ahead in your career.

Hack LinkedIn: 0:00
Bryon Adams: 2:49
David disagrees with Neal: 4:00
Neal replies to David: 5:58
Three second rule and tagline: 7:22
Chase Golden: 9:39
Advice for military veterans: 12:30
Is Chase’s picture good? 14:10
How to get experience: 15:10
Neal’s answer about getting real world experience: 16:00
Don’t use the word aspiring: 17:30
Bryon Adams About Page: 18:45
Neal’s bio / about page: 19:45
Chase Golden About Page: 21:17
Don’t do this: 22:35
Don’t downplay your skills: 22:58
Imposter Syndrome: 23:57
This is the right place to boast: 24:17
Two opposite people: 24:51
You need to convince someone: 25:39
Crazy stat: 25:52

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