Hacking CCTV and IP cameras: Are you safe?

Is your CCTV secured? Are your IP cameras safe? Too easy to hack?

This is my third interview with the professional hacker Occupy The Web. In this video we discuss hacking CCTV, IP cameras and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition).

// MENU //
00:00 ▶️ It Didn’t Stop Us!
00:43 ▶️ YouTube Is Not Realistic
02:58 ▶️ Hacking Is Boring?
04:12 ▶️ In An Alternative Universe
04:35 ▶️ High vs Low Value Targets
07:09 ▶️ Hacking Ukraine CCTV Cameras
08:04 ▶️ Why Aren’t Cameras Well Protected?
10:48 ▶️ Why Hack Ukraine CCTV Cameras?
12:45 ▶️ Finding Online Systems Anywhere In The World
14:47 ▶️ Don’t Cameras Have Passwords?
17:36 ▶️ Hack My Spouse//The Most Common Request
19:30 ▶️ Convert Tools To Cyrillic?
20:20 ▶️ Remote Camera Hacking
20:56 ▶️ Camera Hacking Summary
21:13 ▶️ Dictionary Attack or Brute Force for Remote Hacking?
22:32 ▶️ Remote Hacking Takes Teamwork
22:52 ▶️ Cameras Blocking Login Attempts
23:23 ▶️ Bad Practices//How To Secure CCTV Cameras
24:42 ▶️ Don’t Be An Easy Target!
25:43 ▶️ Basic Security To Have On Your Systems
28:42 ▶️ Users Aren’t The Flaw!
30:07 ▶️ Russia SCADA Attacks
30:38 ▶️ SCADA Swiss Army Knife
31:21 ▶️ Stealing Schneider Password Hashes
33:40 ▶️ DDoSing SCADA Systems Is Deadly
36:53 ▶️ Russian Hackers//Overrated?
40:22 ▶️ SCADA Malware Used On Ukraine Systems
42:54 ▶️ Warning//Russia Coming After Hackers
44:16 ▶️ Phishing Attempts on OTW
45:07 ▶️ How To Protect Yourself
46:00 ▶️ Social Engineering//Most Major Hacks
47:46 ▶️ Social Engineering//Pentesting
49:11 ▶️ SCADA Malware//Stuxnet
50:56 ▶️ SCADA Malware//Triton
51:25 ▶️ Bhopal Disaster//What Could Happen
52:39 ▶️ Future Videos//Leave A Comment!

// Previous videos //
OTW video 1: https://youtu.be/GudY7XYouRk
OTW video 2: https://youtu.be/uXbGQiXsRes

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