Hack your life (with demos) and get Superpowers!

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As many have said “You won’t lose your job to AI. You will lose your job to someone who uses AI”. You better learn AI in 2024. Daniel does an amazing job showing us how to argument our lives with AI and become superman.

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00:00 – Coming up
01:30 – Sponsor segment
04:29 – Pivoting into AI
07:09 – Augmented Humans
08:01 – Rewind AI
09:00 – Brain Implants and Security Risks
10:50 – Cool AI demos to make you an augmented human
15:51 – Custom API’s
22:54 – Flask server and Python
23:25 – Daniel’s AI Journey
34:26 – Cybersecurity Demo
37:39 – GPTs
40:10 – Eleven Lab
44:32 – Will AI take our jobs?
46:18 – Augmentation with AI
47:31 – Advantages in being a Technical person
48:58 – Is it worth getting into Cybersecurity?
49:35 – How much time has this saved you?
53:51 – The Next Major Shift in Technology
55:10 – Advice, Tips and Tricks
57:07 – Do you need to learn programming for this?
58:55 – Giving yourself superpowers
59:09 – What have you done so far
01:02:22- AI changed everything
01:03:17 – Where can people find you?
01:03:39- Conclusion

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