Google Search Tips and tricks! You need to learn how to use Google.

It is impossible to remember everything! There is too much information to learn! Fortunately by using a few Google search tricks you can make your life a lot easier!

Calculator 1:21
Rack u to cm / inches: 1:39
Convert Hexadecimal / Binary / Decimal: 3:15
Convert subnets: 3:35
Timer 3:57
Convert time: 4:15
Translate languages: 6:03
What is my IP address? 7:34
filetype:pdf 8:06 9:22
plus(+) and minus (-) options: 10:28
and option: 12:00
or option: 12:25
Time searching: 12:38
Search only on certain sites: 12:29
Cached websites: 15:55
Word documents and PowerPoint presentations 17:34

  • David Bombal