GNS3 version 2.2: Jeremy Grossmann tells us about the amazing new version of gns3!

Amazing new version of GNS3 coming very soon! Web UI, Hyper-V support, link-state notifications and many other great new features. Jeremy, the creator of GNS3 tells us about the new features in 2.2

What’s new in GNS3 2.2 document:
GNS3 community:

The way you host the gns3 vm changes. No longer do you need to use VMware Workstation Pro, but you can run the gns3 vm in Hyper-V instead of being required to be a gns3 vmware user.

Lots of changes to qemu in this version as well. It doesn’t matter if you are studying for your ccna, ccnp or ccie, GNS3 can help you lab.

GNS3 2.2: 00:38
New GNS3 Web UI: 00:45
REST API / Thick Client / Web UI: 2:00
Dates for 2.2.0 and 2.2.1: 3:57
Will the desktop client still be used: 4:55
Web UI browser support: 6:40
Upgrade process: 7:05
Python requirements: 9:10
Detect when a link is plugged/unplugged for Qemu VMs: 9:51
New way to add template: 17:10
Custom adapters configuration 17:55
Console auto start 18:37
Save state for Qemu VMs 19:11
Hyper-V support for the GNS3 VM (experimental) 21:41
Support for Qemu with HAXM acceleration (experimental) 24:15
Infinity symbols 29:31
Console support for clouds (like Visio) 30:56
Allow to copy Dynamips, IOU, Qemu and Docker templates in preferences 33:17
Support for none console type 33:35
Lock or unlock 34:24
Support for differing grid sizes for nodes and drawings 35:11
Privileged access for uBridge required only when necessary 35:50
Refactored import/export portable project 37:22
Restrict the list of available Ethernet/TAP adapters 38:45
New node information dialog 39:26
The MacOS app is code signed allowing it to pass the Gatekeeper check when the Application is opened. 41:04
Lots of other changes 41:51
APIS 43:35
Date for 2.2.0 and 2.2.1: 44:10

  • David Bombal