GNS3 Version 2.1 Alpha / Beta now available (Part 1). Manipulate Traffic Demo! Suspend / Start Links

GNS3 version 2.1 beta 1 has been released. Major new features of 2.1 include packet filters (packet loss, latency, jitter etc.) for links, node duplication and appliance templates can be installed from within the application.

Please see for a detailed overview.

IMPORTANT NOTE to upgrade from 1.5.x and earlier versions of GNS3: Please do not upgrade if you are working on something important like a certification or something else. Understand there is no rollback possible once you open an older project in version 2.0.x

Backup all your projects, settings and snapshot the GNS3 VM. Version 2.1 is in beta stage which means many things could be broken or not work as expected.

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  • David Bombal