GNS3 Certified Associate Exam: Questions and Answers!

I answer questions about the GNS3 Certified Associate (GNS3A) Exam and certification in this video:
GNS3 Certified Associate Overview:
GNS3 Exam topics:
Hank Preston Course:

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Who is certifying? 00:13
Exam details: 00:22
Exam cost: 00:51
Exam: Number of questions and pass score: 01:05
Exam topics: 01:12
Books? 02:17
Instructor-Led Courses: 02:56
Why take the GNS3 certification? 03:21
Prerequisites: 05:20
Free Training: 05:52
Exam Topics: 06:57
Stop CCNA Studies? 07:29
When can I start: 08:32


The GNS3 Certified Associate (GNS3A) program is a multi-vendor, next-generation network engineer certification that focuses on the core skills that network engineers need today for the new era of rapidly changing, programmable, automated and intelligent networks.

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