GitHub demonstration for network engineers: Hank Preston Explains: Part 2

A practical demonstration of how network engineers can use GitHub for source control Hank Preston shows us how to use Git with a practical demonstration.

Git Learning Lab

NetDevOps Live Episode on Git:

Cisco DevNet Python Code Samples Repo (Code Exchange):

Hank’s Fork of the Cisco DevNet Python Code Samples Repo:

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Git cheatsheet:

git clone
Copies a git repository from a “remote” (aka GitHub) to your
local workstation

git status
Looks at the current status (obviously). Includes new and changed files,
and if you are “ahead” of upstream.

git add file or directory
“adds” changes or new files to “stage” and ready to be committed (aka locked)

git commit -m message
“Locks in” a change to the repository locally.

git push
Sends (aka push) changes from your local workstation to the remote

git pull
Retrieves (aka pull) changes from remote to local.

git diff
Look at changes between current file, and last “committed” version.

  • David Bombal