Genie makes all your network automation wishes come true (most of them)! Hank Preston explains

Wow! Today your network automation work changes. Genie makes network automation so easy! Thank you Hank for sharing this with us! Genie conversation starts here: 3:38

Genie: Network Testing Library for pyATS – make all your network automation wishes come true!

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pyATS and Genie on DevNet:
Hank’s Demo Repo for Genie CLI:
NetDevOps Live! Video on pyATS and Genie:
Hank’s Personal YouTube Channel:
pyATS and Genie on GitHub:

pyATS: pyATS provides the test framework foundation to the whole this ecosystem. It specializes in data-driven and reusable testing, and is engineered from ground up to be suitable for Agile, rapid development iterations.

Being highly-pluggable, pyATS is designed to enables developers start with small, simple and linear test cases, and scale towards large, complex and asynchronous test suites.

Genie: THE pyATS development SDK
Genie builds on top of the pyATS foundation, and provides a Pythonic library and reusable testcase-pool solution for pyATS-based test scripts and suites.

Genie comes out of the box with all the bits needed for Network Test Automation. It redefines how network engineers perform testing and scripting, focusing instead on readily available, holistic and model-driven libraries.

  • David Bombal