#FreeLabFriday: Packet Tracer Assessment Lab: DHCP Server on Cisco IOS

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#FreeLabFriday – In this Lab exercise, the client devices in the Tyrell Corporation network are to have DHCP deployed. DHCP is much more favorable to employee mobility and provides a scalability solution for the large numbers of clients in the enterprise network. The initial layer 2 Local VLAN and Trunking configurations unique to each device have been applied and the STP features have been deployed including load-sharing, rapid spanning-tree and layer 2 protection features.
You are tasked with configuring IOS DHCP services features in this scenario. When you have completed the tasks, you will be able to Check Results
1. DSW1 and DSW2 will be the trusted DHCP servers for the access VLANS in the Tyrell network. No other DHCP services should exist.
2. Both DSW switches are to be configured with DHCP scopes for redundancy.
3. DHCP scopes should named as their VLAN number. All names should be upper-case.
4. DSW1 and DSW2 should be configured to provide dynamic IP addresses for the access VLANS with client allocated addresses from the 10.1.X.0 /24 space, where the X represents the access vlan.
5. 1DSW1 should allocate addresses from the 10.1.X.51-100 /24 space.
6. 1DSW2 should allocate addresses from the 10.1.X.101-150 /24 space
7. 10.1.X.1, 10.1.X.2 and 10.1.X.254 should be excluded from all DHCP assignments.
10.1.X.1 is assigned to 1DSW1, 10.1.X.2 is assigned to 1DSW2 and 10.1.X.254 is assigned to the gateway for each scope.
8. Each DHCP scope should have the following:
a. Default-gateway: 10.1.X.254
b. DNS-Server: 10.1.X.254
c. Domain-name TYRELL-CORP
9. When configured correctly, Access VLAN PC’s will be able to ping 1DSW1 and 1DSW2 VLAN interface IP addressing. PC’s should not be able to ping out with their assigned VLAN.
10. 1DSW1 and 1DSW2 should not have any entries in the RIB.