Free Cisco VIRL server! You can now use VIRL for free! Thank you Cisco DevNet!

You can now use Cisco VIRL for FREE! Thank you Cisco DevNet! DevNet has multiple free cloud-based VIRL lab systems you can use. Once you are connected to DevNet via a VPN, all you need is your browser to access the Cisco VIRL server and created your own CCNA, CCNP, CCIE or NetDevOps topologies.

DevNet Sandbox: NX-OS with 6 VIRL License:
DevNet Sandbox: Multi-IOS VIRL (larger server):
Main VIRL Info Page:
virlutils on GitHub:
virlutils on PyPi:
NetDevOps Learning Lab on CICD where VIRL used:

Video Links:
VIRL Misconceptions: 1:05
DevNet VIRL Sandbox: 2:36
Free DevNet VIRL labs: 04:52
Wait a minute! Cisco has a free lab?: 07:24
Amazing Free Cloud-based Resource that you can use: 10:18
Can I add many VIRL devices in the lab? 11:19
VIRL is Multivendor: 12:52
Cisco ASAv available for free: 14:40
Demo of VIRL using Web browser: 16:32
No local software required: 18:35
What URL does VIRL use? 19:22
VIRL Auto NetKit: 20:04
Telnet / SSH to VIRL devices : 31:08
virlutils – use the VIRL APIs: 36:28
VIRL Ansible: 56:27

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You can also use the free VIRL CLI tool virlutils to remotely interact with the VIRL server using an API. Quick and automated VIRL interaction is now possible.

Hank Preston explains how in this video.

  • David Bombal