FREE Cisco Course: David Bombal interviews Hank Preston about NetDevOps: Part 1 (Cisco #DevNet)

David Bombal and Hank Preston discuss Network Automation, Network Programmability, NetDevOps and the future. What should you learn? CCNA or Python? And many other topics!

Net-DevOps: David Bombal interviews Hank Preston Part 1 (Cisco #DevNet)

We discussed the following in this call:
1) Hank Preston Introduction 01:02
2) How did you transition from being a traditional Network Engineer to a NetDevOps Engineer? 02:55
3) What would you recommend as the first step? 05:46
4) What should I start with? Ansible or Python? 08:19
5) Should I study CCNA or Python? CCNP or Python? CCIE or Python? 14:38
6) Hybrid Engineer, Next-Gen-Network Engineer, NetDevOps
7) What is DevOps? NetDevOps? 23:45
8) Is there a Cisco NetDevOps certification? CCNA/CCNP/CCIE type path? 29:54
9) What is DevNet? Is DevNet free? 33:30
10) DevNet Overview Demo (Free labs, free training, free resources, get support): 35:29
11) DevNet RESTCONF, NETCONF demo:

Links discussed in the video:

DevNet Home Page:

Learning Tracks (2 suggestions):

Coding Fundamentals Learning Module:

Network Programability Basics Video Course:

CCNA or Python:

Why is Cisco teaching my Python?


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